Online Training Terms

HGA terms and conditions for online training.

By taking part in online training you agree to the following terms and conditions and acknowledge the following safeguarding measures.

1. Lessons are on Zoom which may be accessed on a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.
2. Gymnasts must not record sessions to protect members and coaches and to prevent online distribution.
3. Lessons must be in neutral locations such as a living room and not a bedroom.
4. All lessons must take place on a secure WiFi connection to ensure coach and gymnast privacy and prevent hacking.
5. We don’t expect gymnasts showing symptoms of Coronavirus to take part until they are better.
6. A parent must be present if the gymnast is under 16 years of age.
7. Your Zoom screen name must be your real name so your coach can take the register. Anyone not recognised may not take
    part in the session.
8. Gymnasts must wear their HGA leotards.
9. It is the gymnast’s responsibility to warm up before the session. If you haven’t warmed up, please do not attempt the class.
10. Accessing a session is entirely at your own risk. Please ensure your area is obstruction free and safe to participate in.
11. Gymnasts must pin their coach so they only see them and are not distracted.
12. Please blur your background if you wish for extra privacy.
13. All sessions will start promptly.

Thank you and enjoy.